I am Not a Victim

I am not a victim of discrimination.


I may be a target, but I am not, I was never, and I will never be a victim of discrimination.


It is true that because I am black there are people who may judge me as uneducated, loud, and angry.
It is true that because I am a woman there are people who may not think that I can achieve as much as they.
It is true that because I am firm in my
faith, there are people who may assume that I am intolerant, misguided, and deluded.
It is true that because I am young there are people who may not believe that I am capable of having a clear vision of who I am and what I want to do with my life.


Needles to say, I am not a victim of discrimination.


To be a victim one must be overcome by the forces around them that work to bring them down.


I have not and will not be overcome.


The heated judgments and words have yet to scathe me. Every hateful word has been branded on my heart, but my soul is not owned by anyone but myself.


My heart does not burn with pain or hatred or sadness. Rather, my heart has been ignited by a fire of passion that yearns to consume all who come into contact with me in the flames of love and respect--the love and respect that every individual person is entitled to.


Some may attempt to close the door on me, doubtful of the fact that I have what it takes to rise up and answer the demands of opportunity when she comes calling. They have failed to recognize that opportunity does not travel from door to door looking for someone who is willing to entertain her for a moment.


Opportunity has set her table prepared for guests to invite themselves in and make the most of what she has to offer. I am knocking at opportunity's door.


No amount of people aiming to keep opportunity away will hinder me from coming into contact with her at the appointed time.


Perhaps I may miss her a few times, but given my determination to meet her, I will not fail to make my presence known before her.


People may try to exclude me, intimidate me, harass me, or dissuade me.

They will fail.



I do not feel excluded from that which would not be beneficial to me.
I feel blessed that I can focus instead on channeling my full efforts into those places where my efforts will be wanted and appreciated.


I do not feel intimidated or harassed by those who feel they must do childish or hateful things to keep me in one place.
I feel honored that I am considered enough of a threat that they deem it necessary to channel their energy into such futile activity.


I do not feel dissuaded when words of discouragement are recklessly tossed my way.
I feel at peace knowing who I am, and what I am capable of doing--and therefore stand firm in my character. A character that has been molded by experience and
exposure, including exposure to the same discrimination that aimed to bring me down.


But believe me, I will not be brought down. Because I am not a victim.


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