I Am Not Sorry


A five letter word

Used when necessary in situations

Used when it is not even needed

I am sorry for always saying sorry

I’m sorry for thinking everything is my fault

I’m sorry for taking everything to heart

I’m sorry for trusting people who only break my heart

I’m sorry for creating friendships only for them to turn to dust

I’m sorry for confiding in you only for you to stab me in the back

I’m sorry I was hurt by the person who swore would lever hurt me

I’m sorry for being suicidal after being bullied

I’m sorry for being suicidal after being told I’m killing my brother

I’m sorry for wanting to hurt myself because you told me I was a dumbass, an idiot, weak, I wouldn’t make it anywhere in life

I’m sorry I built walls to keep everyone away

I’m sorry I almost ran away because I didn’t want to be near you

I am not sorry for making a way for myself

I am not sorry for finally standing up to you

I am not sorry for the friendships I lost

I am not sorry for growing into a stronger person

I am not sorry for eating and gaining weight so I am healthy

I am not sorry for not saying sorry

Not everything is my fault

My world does not revolve around you

I came back swinging determined to be myself

I am not sorry for being confident and strong with myself

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