I Am Not Singing


I am from ditches and crowded streets,
candy paint and BBQ meat,
trail rides and live scenes.

I am from Judy Bloom books and Bibles,
presidential certificates and verse recitals.

I am from an Irish twin-ship.
Libby and Lobby,
Nanu and Stuffy,
Tia and Tamera,
Itchy and Scratchy,
Olevia and Stephanie.

I am from family reunions and holidays ruined.

I am from commands.
Respect your elders.
Protect your sister.
Look out for yourself.
Call me Mrs. or Mr.

I am from hypocrites and misfits who don’t practice what they preach.

I am from heartaches and heartbreaks with holes torn into the soul allowing all love to leak.

I am from the kitchen;
All you can eat,
sweets and adult drinks.

I am from untimely deaths and threats,
wishing upon the brightest stars on the darkest nights
and living behind walls that hid all fights .

I am from heat and rain,
sunshine and floods,
open land with barriers from others.

I am from Houston Zoo trips,
hoping to find Mighty Joe Young;
train rides around the park and throwing bread to ducks.

I am from dancing and stepping
writing and speaking.

I am from pleasing the spectator
not worried about me.

I am a caged bird,
dreaming…..not singing.


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