I am not fine

Fat thats what I am Ugly that's what I think when I look into the mirror, that mirror that just looks deeper into my eyes, that sees the hunger that fills them.Searching for the food that will stop the never-ending disorder.Help help that's what my mind screams every time I walk past my mom.My mouth my mouth it ignores my mind and says I'm fine when she asks how I am.I've always been this size I say when she asks me if I've been losing weight if I am getting smaller. 

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Fitzy Marlote

When using onomatopoeia this is the corect way. "HELP!" "HELP! Use quotation marks and ALL CAPS. When quoting yourself... "I've always been this size." Type the quote as a sentence placed between quotaion marks. Lastly; work on the format so it reads more like a peom and lees like an exert from Word document. 



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