I am not afraid


I am not afraid

Hunger pains kill the brainwaves of a skilled soul who lives life like a troll.

Underground hunger bound no sound quiet

Silence is the killer thriller mmmmm Jackson

Keeping a handle on my scandal that controls this mass crowd 

Where voices are muted drowned by sorrows numbing the pain

Accessing no gain going insane in the membrane


I am not afraid 

When the sound pounds in your ear drums fighting for your attention

Your focus hocus pocus trickery

Hickory dickory dock lyrically spiritually realigned colour blind intertwined to find

He who is above and beyond this line defined

Rest forever and always Forsaken no longer

Shaken awaken my soul stronger 


I am not afraid

The lone ranger fame you gotta keep tamed


Hocus pocus poof! Now focus 

Without a level of security impurity it'll keep your mind twisted and your mind blistered

Like moles for holes gathered together like poles south facing

Continue pacing around your lives just to get by

Like little miss thangs gathered together to weather the young mans earthly pleasure 

Withering and away forest decay hearsay travesties pharisees


I am not afraid

How to deliver love when hate is the only truth felt and dealt with on the 

Regular basis oasis unknown tolerated as shown

Through selfie this unnecessary that combat match

attached dettached entangled and strangled 

Its the whisper of the heart now get smart

This information needs immediate participation with rapid application

Ready Steady Shoot

You see I do not need an ak 47 when I am equipped with a John 3:16 and heaven

Here's a proposition for your deposition


I am not afraid

Now that I've escaped sleep walking wide awake robbery of my life strife no more

His story will be told not sold Very boldly cold  No chance I'll prance

Creating an obsession in session

Teaching and preaching about  he who is willing

No killing just chilling

The billing on him

For I am not afraid


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