I am Not

I am a leaf,

Floating on a breeze,

Shifting and twisting,

as the wind stings me along.


I am a pebble in a  brook,

rubbed smooth by the current,

Wedged between my fellows

And content to peer through a watery lens.


I am a cog in the machine,

working in a unit.

To completea common goal

One purpose filled by all.


I am a raindrop in a cloud,

one of millions,

Falling in our inevitable way

to our unknowable fate.


I am a soldier in an army,

marching on and on,

The drums define my actions,

The beat a cypher at best.


I am the chip on no one's shoulder,

No great regrets to speak of,

No guilt to cloud my mind

At least, none of significance


I am all of these,

And yet Not.

They are one understanding

The topmost thought.


The world is full of uncertainty,

Double standards, veiled meanings,

So I am everyone,

And everyone is me.



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