I Am No Definition

Sat, 07/26/2014 - 22:15 -- omeyer
To you, am I worth nothing and just another second that goes by
Or am I the all-moving power that is the center of all creation and life.
I am here amongst all as one in a million and see the eyes of judgement
Already defining who I am, what I am, and giving me a label.
How dare you try to stuff my talents and beauty into a box
But there will never be a box large enough to keep away what I have in me.
With all of my power I am here to say that I refuse your label that you so righteously gave me
For I am not your definition but I am my own.
It is within my mind that I have created a world so vast and different
That you could not even fathom the possibilities it holds within itself.
Here and now I could prove to you that you don't have to accept being nothing
Instead to come out and rebel against the system that has us breaking.
There is no fear in me of being an outcast because those who are dear to me
Will always welcome who I am and guide me on my path.
Do not be mistaken though for there are those who are hidden amongst us
Who will try to break us apart and turn us on ourselves.
Those people will try to define you but no person fits a definition perfectly
So deny the words that have been labeled onto you and become what you are.
Along the journey to come to the path of freedom and understanding
We must remove the shackles that weigh us down and restrain us.
My mind is my escape from this wretched world that was built with cruelty 
Because I no longer wish to be another perfect statue in a museum.
Instead I wish to the abstract painting with no definite meaning
That will attract the real people of society who know who they truly are.
Gaze upon me in awe, hatred, or even confusion but don't define me
As something less than what I truly am or face the fake reality you live in.
Now I can declare that I am an abstract being with my own purpose
And more mighty and creative than the blank sheet of a person next to me.
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