I am in the midst

I am in the midst of my perishing youth

Trying to live as one lives best

I want to smile and laugh and play

I want to hear the breeze against the earth

I want to see indescribable beauty I want to feel betrayal and exultation

I want to live while I can

Yet I can feel my failing energy

The once liberating breeze makes me cold

The beauty seems to be repetitive

Even the emotions I feel have come to fade


I know nothing I feel empty

That is, until a wondrous phrase

It holds so much merit

It contains no words

It expresses more beauty and emotion

Than I could ever know. Music.

I draw myself from music

I can now see what isn't there

I no longer struggle with the emptiness of apathy

I no longer care I know nothing

We live to discover

The breeze and the beauty and the betrayal

They bring me to life

My youth will live forever within me

I can feel, I can see, and I most importantly can hear

Music interprets life in new ways

Music makes the world lucid

Music repairs my lost youth

Through music, I will never die



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