I Am Me

When I was younger the skies were always dark.

The rain followed me everywhere I walked.

The world was black and the sun never shined.

But my past is mine

And without it who would I be today.

A girl with no clue about the pain people go through.

Without the knowledge that I have now.

People say you’ll never meet a person more loyal than me.

Everyone needs someone

A motto I’ll live by forever.

I’ve been to such dark places.

My mind and thoughts taken over.

No one should get to that point.

I care when no one else does.

I’m the flame that helps make their lights grow.

I love fiercely and protect the ones I do.

There’s no one like me.

There’s no one who understands empathy like me.

I’ll hold on even when you decide to let go.

I’ll always be here.

If you need I’m here and I’ll never leave.

No there’s no one like me.

I’m an original.

Nowhere close to a copy.

My past may have been bad.

But it made me as I am today.

And that’s something I would never change.

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