I Am... Love

I Am… Love

I am a caring young man,

One that cannot be compared to another man,

You see, you are unique,

You said, I am the one,

Well ya know, you are the one,

You are the one and only,

For me.

I do love you,

I really do,

I would, and will give anything for you,

As I should, and have give and given for you,

Without you in my life,

Worthless, my life would be,

For my heart yearns for you,

As does my head whom dreams of you,

Even as I lie awake,

You are a dream come true.

I am strong for you,

I am who I am because of you.

You have kept me strong,

Yet you have showed me where to be weak,

It is my heart that is open for you,

All, and only you,

I am me,

Because of you.

I Love You Gaby.

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