I Am Love

Sun, 09/24/2017 - 00:16 -- Breedco

There’s this common misconception about love 

Wether it be having dinner with your family

Or looking up at the stars with your significant other 


There’s this common misuse of the word


No one dares to speak about it

Because simply, it is something deemed as ugly,

It doesn’t roll out of people’s mouths as smoothly enough as the sugar coated romance they are used to,

It doesn’t look good on people’s t.v’s just as it doesn’t on each and every one of our self esteems 


There is this word we all use toward others

I am tired of people encouraging this behavior but turning their back on someone who just desperately is in need of loving themselves 


There’s this stigma of love being an amazing wonderful thing 

And it is possible for that to be true

I may want to love another human being 

But what I need is the ability to love being me


I find myself in this category between the two words inconvenient and unimportant 

Based truly of the fact that i am more concerned about the love I give my self then the selfish love others offer to me in hopes of satisfying their own needs


I find myself being called selfish or entitled

For figuring out who I truly am 

And not being ashamed of it 


I will not apologize for my love 

Not when it comes down to myself 

A proud trans man 

Nor when it comes down to my body 


I am in love with the way i defend every last of my being 

I am in love with how I leave my house even at the highest moments of desperation 

I am in love with the way I choose to surround myself with people who do not only claim to love me but support and accept me as well  

I will endlessly love who I am and will not let anyone use that word to soften the blows of their hateful words 

To me love is something meaningful 

Love has kept me alive when all signs were pointing towards the darkness

Love has made me who I am today 

I. Am. Love 

And I will never stop

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