I am the little girl

I am the girl with the sparkling green eyes, a smile without pain

I am the girl with the little sundress adorned with flowers and stains

I am the little girl  that hates the field but still give the game devotion

The little girl that spends every day in her chlorine heaven but still wishes for the ocean

I am the little girl that refuses to study but does just in case

The girl that hates trying but third is her last place

I am the girl with a love for adventure but wont push the borders

I am the girl who is wildly independent but follows the orders

The free spirit that stays in its chain

Although it causes her pain

I am the girl that that wants to see the world but only finds comfort in her sanction

I am the girl that rather travel that live in a mansion

The same little girl wants her perfect family with 2 and a half children

And a house with a white Pickett fence that cost a million

The girl who wants bigger and better, but is scared to try

Loves the change but hates the goodbye

Imagines the most, but hopes the least

The girl that keeps on dreaming even though she knows her dreams are deceased

I am the girl that is crazy and sane

unique and plain

modest and proud

quiet and loud

dedicated and lazy

calm and crazy

stupid and smart

Who am I? I cant even start

I am the girl who has absolutely no clue who she is

Or what she wants

But that's okay because after all

I am just a little girl



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