I am Jaila

Sun, 10/25/2015 - 18:41 -- jailab

I am from Theresa and Imari,

from the hard working and the

craziness, from Be yourself! and Don’t give up!

I’m from do to others as you would have

them do you,

don’t be the outwardly rude one in the crew.

My life still changing

and the interesting moments

how will things turn to be?

Will I make it out of Detroit in time to see?

All this hope and faith will one day lead me in the right direction.

But until this day comes I'll be waiting with anticipation.

I am Jaila and Jaila is me,

Anything I put my mind to I can do it as long as I beileve.

I am different and as long as I have me I can do anything.




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