I am Islam

Sat, 11/28/2015 - 19:06 -- alsayad

You see I live in a time where the world would come out and question

“What is this Hijab and this religion of mine?”

And often the assumption would arise of oppression in Islam

Usually coming from the uneducated mind whom has yet to fathom its signs

And we often reply with modesty… Honestly forgetting that the word

Is not in the same way defined as in our eyes.

For modesty is the simplicity, it is the humbleness of the hijab

But it is the woman that ignites for she is like the fiery sun

And man the dark moon, simply dazzled by this blossoming cocoon

And if I was to explain the Muslim woman and the hijab

It would be Beauty. . . Power and Love…

And I’d reference the Quran for it taught us she is the door of life

And that God laid the heavens beneath her feet.

Beneath her feet the never ending paradise

That God did not leave in her hands for she may hand it over

To even the man that does not give her a hand or a shoulder

And he told us to cherish her… our equal…

But are we really equal? For she is much stronger than I

Both living in this cruel wretched world

That’s shattered the Muslim pride

That’s battered Muslim lives

Yet still. God seen it in her to walk it with this hijab

And if confronted I could just lie… and if she confronted…

She cannot even hide…

For we live in a time where Muslim men must puff their chest as the world BASHED ISLAM!

And she is so fragile… so weak and only at the age of nine

Yet Allah seen it in her, to step out to this cruel wretched world wearing the Banner of Islam!

You see I live in a time where men cannot cry out to the world

Yet we may cry in her arms

I live in a time where she held our secrets and men told mine!

So, how dare anyone claim that Islam brings the woman down?

When all this time they have been the strength and the sign


You see this is for the young lady, she was only nine

Yet she stepped out to this cruel wretched world, she said “I AM ISLAM!”

This is for the young Zainab’s, sisters of the shuhada!

They cut off her brother’s head and his arms

Yet she stepped out to this cruel wretched world she said “I AM ISLAM!”

This is for our young daughters… and how can we not cry

They are only nine

Yet they stepped out to this cruel wretched world

They said “I am Islam… “

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world



Thanks for writing this. I know you didn't write this for me but it's giving me some kind of faith right now.


Poetry is a voiceless song, it's written for whomever hears it. I'm glad you like it


this is a strong poem i really love it,i am also a hijabi.


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