I Am An Investment



Twelve dollars, Barbie doll. Learn your ABC’s. Count to one hundred. 

“Mom, if I accidentally break my doll, you’ll buy me another one right? Right mom? Right?”


Seventy dollars, toy kitchen set. Remember to start reading your chapter books. Memorize that multiplication table! 

“3x5 is 15.”


One hundred dollars, brand-new, baby-blue bike. No talking back to elders. Disney Channel’s That’s So Raven is ruining you. One month, no cable. 

“That’s not fair!”


Eighty dollars, Nokia cell phone. Study hard for that test. Understand that you’re only applying to one private school. 

“I got in!” 


Three hundred dollars, books and uniforms. Make a good impression. Become a pharmacist. Yes, that’s a good job; work from nine to five and get paid a lot. 

“I want to be an actress.”


Two hundred and fifty dollars, sparkly, lavender, fairy prom dress. Go to sleep early. Stop staying up late; it’s making you look so old. Don’t pay attention to boys; they’re a distraction. 

“I go to an all-girls school. I don’t even have any guy friends.”


Twenty thousand dollars, freshman year of college. Keep your room clean. How are you going to live on your own? My friend didn’t pay anything for her son to attend college. Apply for scholarships. We are not rich. Don’t forget to apply for scholarships, as many as you can.

“I am trying so hard, mom! I have so much homework and not enough hours in a day. I’d like to see you go to school!”



We work incredibly hard day after day to give you everything you need. Stop expecting so much. Appreciate what you have. You are like the condominium we invested in. We hope that you will turn what we gave you into something more successful. 

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My family
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