I Am Her...

I see the bright sun burning in the sky

I hear a blue jay song that made me cry

I smell breakfast cooking with its fumes so high

I taste the sweet chocolate chip scones. Oh my!

I feel the morning dew brush against my thigh


I see what she sees. I hear what she hears.

I am her very own eyes and ears.


I see busy streets on a warm sunny day

I hear tons of screaming children at play

I smell fresh brewed coffee that I don't have to pay

I taste warm soda cause the fridge was thrown away

I feel the pain of a paper cut while working today


I smell what she smells. I taste what she tastes.

I am her nose and tastebuds that are on the face.


I see the street lights lit up so bright

I hear my house key jam so I shove to the right

I smell the rain which the clouds did invite

I taste my reheated dinner by taking a bite

I feel the warm shower then my comfy clothes in all white


I feel what she feels because I am her skin.

We'll become one by our bodies joined within.


I've watched her for months from morning to night

No matter how low or how high the heights

I know once we make love she'll hold me tight

She'll never want to leave me & everything'll be alright

I entered her home & she screamed on sight

I panicked & grabbed her, and we started to fight!


I subdued her & we became one in the end

If I can't have her nobody can



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