I Am Her.

I have eyes that have seen far too much. 

I am a survivor of loss. One who believes adversity builds a strong character.

I am not a victim, but a victor.

I am a believer in the art of letting go. The art of forward movement to create space for something that will honor us more deeply, while at the same time holding the past in appreciation for self-discovery.

I am open to possibility. Ready for anything. For everything.

I am free and original.

I am a spontaneous adventurer. Give me a backpack and I will travel the world.

I am compassionate for others and perfectly flawed.

I am a lover of words and people.

I am a thinker.

My bible is word and tattered, as I am on a mission to become a strong, Christian woman.

I am optimistic. Every morning is a new opportunity to make the decision on whether or not I want to carry the weight of yesterday.

I am passionate about medicine. Helping the unfortunate live long, healthy lives is my dream.

I am the capability behind my boundless potential.

I am illuminating life with my light.

I am Grace Noel.

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This is a poem I created for the I Am scholarship.

Enjoy, friends. :)

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