I am a Harbor

I am a Harbor


A harbor stands next to land and that is protected

and deep enough to provide safety for ships.

When I am a nurse, I will stand next to my patients

and provide utmost safety for their well-being.


A harbor is a place of safety and comfort.

As a future nurse, I will be someone’s person

when he has no one,

to make him feel safe and comforted.


A harbor is a thought or feeling that stays in your mind for a long time.

When I am a nurse, I want the comfort I give

to be a lingering feeling to the one I provide care,

for the person who needs to matter.


A harbor is to hold something, like a disease.

As a future nurse, I will clear the harbor.

When someone faces sickness or infection,

I will make it all dissipate.


I am a nurse.

I am a harbor.





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