I am Happy to be Angry so I Smile

Sat, 10/18/2014 - 12:19 -- Alnz_3


I am happy to be angry so I smile Yea I was angry, cause my dad left my mom. She had to take care of me and my sister by herselfBut hey I was an innocent child, didn't even know what was going on, so I smiledEvery time I hear a friend or anyone say "my dad And I played cricket or football"I think about how I never had a chance to even say, "Dad let's go play"I am angry at my dad but happy for my friends,  so I smileEveryone talks about how their dads will always be their greatest heroesBut I will have to find a different hero, for I have no father in my lifeI am angry that I have to search for another hero, but I have to keep on persevering, so I smileI am happy to be angry so I smileThen some random day, on a Christmas morning he showed upAfter nine years.EMPTY HANDED.I thought he might try to make up for old time, but no!!! he stayed a fourth night and left,Then I told myself, that this phony smile should be replaced with an authentic oneCause I would never leave my my children fatherless, THEY WILL BE HAPPY TO BE HAPPY, SO THEY WILL HAVE A REAL SMILEI am happy to be angry so I smile

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