I Am The Guilty America

The knife plunges into her abdomen

I'm in total control

No more scared or waiting

For events to unfold


I smile faintly

As I feel her last breath 

Carressing the side of my neck

I'll celebrate her death


She can't torture me

Mame me no more

I won't have to hear her painful words 

That pierce down to my core


Bright crimson blood

Rushes from the wound

soking my hands

I know exactly what to do


Wash away the shame

And the blood off my arms.

Compared to what she did 

I've done almost nothing worth harm 


Her body falls to the ground

Away from my hands

The blood spreads away from her

soaking the land


I run from the scene

Hoping not to be caught 

Do I regret anything?

No, I do not.


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