i am a girl in love with a girl

never did i think i could be one of those people

the people who love...


never before did i think id experience feelings 

for that of the same sex

though now i find it somewhat rediculous.


i saw her that day.

i saw her in her black skinny jeans covered in safety pinns

swimming in her huge black band tee

hiding under her flannel...

and something changed inside of me.


i didnt understand.


as i spoke to her i learned that she fell in love with the soul and not with the person.

she had this smile...this genuine smile framed by her brownish-orangeish lips

and her soul seemed to raidiate through her huge brown eyes like the light in a lighthouse.

more things changed.


i didnt understand how i could be the person ive always wanted to meet.

i didnt feel different...i just...felt like a dore had pened.

a rusty door hlding back another side of me had been unlocked

but things flooded out faster gthan i knew what to do with them.




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