I Am The Girl

Who am I behind the dye?

When you take away the acne

If you can look past the watery eyes

I am the girl that tries until the end.

The one that stays up late every night

Trying to maintain a high GPA.

I’m the loyal friend that stays by you,

That supports your decisions

Even when if I don’t agree with it.

I am the girl that had to learn to be strong,

To fight to hold life together,

No matter how far south things started to go.

I’m the compassionate person that cares to no end.

That will spend extra time around school to help out other kids

That can’t get help from anyone else.

I am the shy girl that pushes her limits

But refuses to push other people around.

I’m the one whose greatest asset who is she is,

Rather than what she wears or what her name is.

Though my face may not be bronzed and smooth,

And my hair might not be in perfect golden waves,

I am flawless because of who I am, not who I look like or what my name is.

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