I’ve been burnt, I’ve been broken, I’ve been torn at the seems

But our future is the token; it’s the light at the end that beams.

I’ve made mistakes; I’ll be the first to admit;

But even when I fall, I’m never willing to quit.

It’s okay to feel lonely, to be heart broken and confused,

It’s okay to be tired, to be flawed, but never to be used.

I’ll tell you, however, of my story and my life;

The times that I was faulty, but recovered with strife.

I was a lonely one, in the loneliest and coldest of worlds,

Stuck between mischief and a world full of pretty girls.

Corruption was the word, stress was the other,

I was full of temptation, and the feeling of being smothered.

I never really thought life would be this hard,

Life would be this confusing,

I’d struggle to be a star.

But I made it, somehow, in a world of judgment,

I made it somehow, in a world so repugnant.

Yes I believe.

I believe in fairytales, I believe in horror movies too,

I believe in sparkles, I believe in the complete and utter truth.

I believe in the pursuit of happiness;

The infamous tactic of smile and nod,

I believe in myself, but most of all, I believe in God.

I’ve made mistakes, plenty of them too.

I’ve heard lies, and I’ve told them too.


One thing, out of all the rest,

 Although I’m a tragedy, I’m flawless.

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