I. Am. Finally. Heard.


Poetry...words that merely chose me

Opened my eyes and heart in ways the world cannot see

I was lost...trapped in sadness that would last

Fought continuously with the darkness of my past

Then I hear a voice within calling me to just write

Find myself in bed crying and typing all day and night

There's no way to describe it, the passion I feel

It's like satisfying everlasting hunger with just one meal

For every poem I write, every song that I sing

It's as if God is showing what the future will bring

No longer engulfed by my fears, regrets, or lows

But rather free to run and scream until the world knows

That a seven year old girl had a story to be told

Would not rest until it all had unfold

The story of her own and so many girls around

One that so many hid so it could never be found

But rather than hold it all deep down inside

This girl took control of life's rollercoaster ride

She wouldn't let her words not reach daylight

She would write and push then push and write

Until she had given it her all, every ounce of her might

She had finally done it, she was no longer afraid

Not ashamed of her appearance, from her toes to her braid

Now a seventeen year old young lady much stronger than before

I smile at young girls who hear my story and desire more

No longer fearful of yesterday introducing itself today

For I already know exactly what to say

I simply pray and breathe then pick up a pen

Get it all off my chest then look at it with a grin

For my poetry is words that merely chose me

Opening my eyes and heart in ways the world cannot see

I will no longer take my dreams being deferred 

For with my poetry, I am finally heard.


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