I am Falling

Thu, 10/29/2015 - 01:32 -- Nemeche

I have fallen in love
Fallen so hard that there's no way in hell someone could of caught me
So now I'm falling...


Falling in a black hole once filled with your love 
Now over shadowed by darkness
Falling clumsily,

My arms are flailing. reaching out so you can grab me
Falling embarrassingly,

 So the public knows
They know how I got my heart broken 
Falling forward and fast so I know how it ends
How it will end for me
Falling out of control

Is it bad that I want someone to catch me ?



Even if it isn't you
Falling stupidly

I know that this will end badly
But still I reach out to you
I would have fallen for you anyway you wanted me to 
If only you had promised to catch me
Now I'm Falling backwards and in slow motion so I can see everything I'm leaving behind 
My tears,

My pain

And you 
I have fallen 
The cold hard floor was the only thing that caught me
And nothing has ever felt so comforting

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