I Am Everyone


I am whoever you want me to be

within these four walls,

where stereotypes fill the air with deception.

A place where everyone keeps their true self hidden,

behind an image.


I am the rebel,

skipping class to get drunk off the vodka I snuck in;

or am i the princess,

sitting in class with my twenty dollar Starbucks my daddy bought me?

I am the brainiac,

graduating two yeras early and of course ranked number one in the class.

Hell... I could even be the freak,

wearing halloween costumes daily and walking around talking to myself.

Who I am on the outside is a choice,

it is not reality.


You will only ever see the person I want you to.

Because wihtin these four walls, walking down these hallways,

conformity is key.

I must pick a faslehood to hide behind,

or face rejection.

This is why you will never see the true me.

I put myself behind this curtain of stereotypes

in order to be whoever society wants me to be next.

I am everyone.

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