I Am Empty

Why does this happen to me?

All at once 

Torn apart-

I’m in so much pain.

I ebb and flow

Melting into a pool of my own sorrow

I want to wallow away from these people.

Physically I am with my best friends

But emotionally I am alone in a dark, enclosed space

A black veil seeps into my body

I died today at 19

The rest of my years will remain to plague me

A repeat of crests and plummeting troughs

I'm walking through shallow water

but the next step is a drop off

I’m crippled and can’t fight the sinking, 

In less than a second

I've been dragged from clear, shiny waters

To where light never reaches

Lungs filled to the brim with sickness

You acknowledge my eyes are vacant

but you’re afraid to look into them

How blinded by perception.

You don’t know I’m a corpse





I am Empty

Look at me. 

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