I am the Dreamer

From the spots to designer clothes

to self-pity to smiles

I am a book full of picture

a page of interest

To the straight A's and B's

The music that blast daily

 The long weekends rocking in my room alone

To the constant ring of friends

I am a nonstop believer

Wanting to be everything in sight

Imagination an everyday hero

To look pass these gates of impossible

And see a horizon of possible

Even when "Pipe dreams are for sleeping" played in back

All i knew of was path i made

Studying not my strongest feature in Education

Parents not always allies to my wishes

Always known as the want a be to other

Hear so much "You can't"

But i never stop being me

Hours spent with my head in books

Jokes i added when i could

A big rosy smile i wore daily

I am a Motivated achiever

A person who want and gets

I am bria the Dreamer.






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