I Am Crazy Enough to Believe

I am what God made me.

Born a beautiful baby girl.

Who thinks she can save the world.

But, half the battles believing.

The other half's achieving.

No one's stopping me from dreaming.


I can be who I want to be.

I am who say I am.

I am the genius, the caregiver, and the loving.

And I'm an approver of hugging.

I am the encouragement, the weird, the different, the loyal.

One of the people God made royal.

Through His blood I am protected.

My body dies, but my spirit's resurrected.


But, first, I was put on this Earth for a reason.

Passed down from the moment at the Garden of Eden.

Even with my shaky faith, I am still a believer.


That's right!

I am a believer.

A believer in the world getting better.

A believer in people being sweeter.

I am a believer and I am eager to see the world's fate.

But, I know better: good things come to those who wait.


So, I hold my tongue making sure I don't say something wrong.

I'll just be singing along.

Not waiting for that day to come.

But, waiting for the day when it's my turn.

My turn to change the world.

This black little girl.


My head is held high.

My hopes will not fall.

I will rise above all, when the time is right.

I'll  be the leader that stops the fight.

I'll be the leader that ends the war.

Showing people there's no need to fight anymore.


I am the one to make them see.

From then on, they'll see differently.

Their perspectives changed for the betterment.

The world will be in new development.


But, I am not the only one at the center.

There are others.

It's not just me.

Could I get there by myself?



But, I'd rather not because I wouldn't be a leader if I go in alone.

I will not go any further without people by my side.

Along for this turbulent ride, where we come out on top and the world is anew.

The first thing they'll say is "This all started with you."

The one who showed us that the world isn't always blue.


The one who is crazy enough to believe that she can change the world.

This little girl.

And to think that this movement started with a beautiful baby.

Because as I said, I am what God made me.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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