I Am Courageous

Outsiders looking in will never understand me,

Is it really me or the vivid picture society potray me to be makes them can't stand me,

Everyone classifies me as a beast or monster but i promise I wont attack,

I wont attack because society has attacked me and there's no more fight in me,

I watched my cousin do crack,

If crack is wack then why can't she just leave it alone,

Come back home and protect her throne,

Instead she leaves her kids alone without anyone to rely on.


But since we're family I have the right,

The right to help others but it shouldn't be my fight,

I'm only seventeen why is the burden on me,

The only problems i should have is staying lean ,

And getting to be  a size fifteen,

But I'm the one in a different state ,

Trying to work and get my degree while worrying about whether her kids have food on their plate,


I have no money ,

So when you ask will i attend the party I'm like "Oh no honey,"

I have no clothes and it shows,

But no one knows,

That the reason I gring so hard and try so hard is for applause,

It's for my three kids ,

That deserves everything although they aren't mine,

It's fine ,

Everything is all cool,

I work so hard because the deserve a big house with a nice pool.


It's funny how life works I use to laugh at teen mother's,

Now i rarely ever see my brother,

And my kids never see their mother,

Because their father is the one that sells crack,

Where was he when Bobby told Whitney it was wack,


Life has greatly changed me,

I'm glad I'm able to be me ,

Because situations can always be worst.


This poem is about: 
My family


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