I am buried yet alive (after seeing the movie UNITED 93)


Down down down

The souls rise up

Stirred by the downpour of fear

The planet

Crashes on the beautiful grass

Birth, first crush

That first gig on the boulevard

The death of a dear one in an accident

Internet hiccups

Poor service at the McDonalds

Musings of life

All goes down now

I am not me anymore

What have I become?

I can see through my vision

The universe is on its way

To embrace me

The flight goes down

And I fly up

In the ubiquitous heaven

Beyond life, beyond death

Beyond all the rest

A sad piece of violin string

And I become surreal, resurrected

I become real, majestic

The life goes out from my beloveds’s eyes

The flight of life shudders with a thud

I am buried yet alive

I am buried yet alive



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