I am Born to Learn


I am born to learn.

By: Laura Hernandez


My first teachers are my parents,

Thanks to them I learned many things

In my first couple of years.


I learned about:

Love, Hate,

Life, Death,

Sharing, Caring,

Accepting, Rejecting.


How to:

Talk, Walk,

Read, Write,

Think, Dream,

And solve problems

Along the way.


I learned about Pain

In its many different ways


I learned about:

Friendship, Enemies,

Lying, Deceiving,

Hitting the bottom,

Getting back up,

And reaching my goals.


I learned to carry my own weight,

The weight of others

And to let go of problems.


What it feels like to be:

Happy, Sad,

Joyful, Angry,

Lifted, Depressed,

Oriented, Confused,

Peaceful, and Free


I learned how to:

Take orders, follow the rules,

Create and destroy.


I learned so far that

I still have many more things to learn


I must let go of the past,

Focus on the present

And look forward to the future.


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