I am an Aspie

Wed, 12/21/2016 - 08:21 -- Chez

I am an Aspie and I am proud

To be so strange and to be so loud.

Despite others trying to quiet me

I stood out unique and boldly.


I am an Aspie and I am an introvert.

I avoid most people, so I'm not an extrovert.

Social cues are a struggle for me

So I do my best in society.


I am an Aspie and I don't try to blend in,

I am quite proud to different from them.

I cannot pretend to be someone else

When I am so happy that I am myself.


I am an Aspie and people drain me,

In a crowded room I might go a little crazy.

Too much noise just drives me insane,

To force me to stay would be completely inhumane.


I am an Aspie and have few friends,

But the friends that I have will stay with me til the end.

We're certifiably crazy, at least that's what we say,

We are all proud to be crazy in our very own ways.

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