I am...

I am...broken

I am a girl with cracks in her soul so deep they consume my consciousness.

I battle a depression that whips my back as I tredge through miles of cement.

The weight on my shoulders bends me low to the ground and I know in my heart that everything that bends...breaks

I am lying in my bed exhausted from hours of sleep

I am curled up on the cold ground enduring an invisble pain that tears silent wails from my lips

I am sipping the coffee that stings my throat but I sigh at the pain because for once it is pain that is real

I sit through nights where my mind haunts me and sends razors through my veins

I sit through the voices that never stop until...

I breathe in the crisp night air that flows through my cracked window and the thinking stops

My mind is quiet

I exhale


I am a girl you see sitting out in the meadow riding the pleasures that the earth gives me

I am in my heaven sucking in the energy that flows through my fingertips

I have found my solace

My place of peace

In the early morning mist and the twilight owl singing her soft lullaby

I am persevering in a world that was created to beat me down

My cracks are still deep in my soul but I found a way to fill them just for a few moments

This pain I feel that wrecks through my body still exists but the morphine of life flows through my veins

I am surviving

I am...not broken

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