I AM....

I am...

The one who grew up in two seperate households,

Who stuck to her mom like glue,

I am, a person of curiosty, 

Someone who wants to know why everyone does what they do..

I'm a basketball player above anything else.

I am that person that's moved over 16 times in my whole life,

I am made of band,...music... I'm an instrument in this crazy melodic world.

I'm someone who can't handle to much pressure at one time,

Who cracks a smile at the most simplest things.

I'm someone who had to stop a suicide, 

I'm the someone who forced the arms away from her throat.

I'm a surprise to myself, for making a decision that I'd never thought I'd make in my life.

I am the one who cares unconditionally about people,

I'm one who can't help but feel when other people are sad.

I am headstrong, stubborn, and want something good for my life.

I am someone who wants to be always busy and never stuck behind a desk.

I am...all of these things... I am me. 


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