I Am From...

• I am from dark water,
from hot combs and hair beads.
• I am from the thick air of a summer morning; Choking, stuffy, the morning dew on my tongue.
• I am from the Old Pine Tree.
The wasps nest, whose guests leave swollen and frightened.
• I am from stew and mildew,
from frogs and rat snakes.
• I am from "Swing Low" and silent prayers,
from " Hush up!" or " Shut up!"
• I'm from "the oil" and a book of church hymns that I still can't read.
• I am from backyard laughter and wild puppies,
from "DYNO-MITE!" and " love, peace, and soul."
• I am from " This is a grown folks drink." and paper bag bottles.
• I'm from an alcoholic uncle bearing pockets of sour candy,
from razor blade haircuts and blood stained white-beaters.
• I am from love,
love that never quits.
•From love that's just as tough as the going that gets.
•From love that knows love exactly for what it is.
• I am from "Grandma hands,"
from the place my heart is.
This poem is about: 
My family
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