I Am


1306 Rae Anne Dr.
United States

I am a girl who loves to sing

I wonder if the arts will disappear one day

I hear the lyrics written out on a worn, overused notebook

I see a beautiful mermaid humming over a distant shore

I want to fly over the clouds and meet that mermaid

I am a girl who loves to sing


I pretend that no one can hear me when I sing in my room

I feel the rush of ecstasy and emotion pour out of my mouth

I touch the notes that fall softly from the sky

I worry about the choices I've made

I cry for those who don't have a choice

I am a girl who loves to sing


I understand that not everyone will understand me, or want to, for that matter

I say let everyone live equally so we can all have a chance

I dream of being a filmmaker to bring tears and laughter to people's faces

I try to be the best of me, the best I can possibly be

I hope for the future and everyone in it

I am a girl who loves to sing

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