I Am From

I am from a world of emotions,

Emotions such as loneliness, despair, and anxiousness that float around without direction,

But there is also jubilance, love, and vibrance.

I am from a world of conflicting emotions.


I am also from a world of unexplainable emotions:

Kairosclerosis, Monachopsis, Exulansis

Nodus Tollens, Onism



I am from a blank canvas,

A blank canvas that gets painted on by those who dare enter my life,

Those who affect me in either the worst or the best ways.

In the end, my blank canvas will be a masterpiece.

I am from a canvas painted on by those around me.


I am from believing in dreams.

Ideas float into my head about a perfect life, a perfect world,

Not ideas, but dreams,

Dreams of tomorrow, the day after, and the day after that,

Images of possible yet impossible joy, adventure, and prosperity.

I am from the idealization of dreams being a reality


I am from colors,

The dark colors that exist in the crevices of a city during a sunset

As well as the walls of a pastel cafe.

I am from every color.


I am from silence.

Although I have a loud mind,

I keep my endless ideas safe in my overcrowded mind

I am from avoiding eye contact,

Looking around the room to avoid the possibility of interaction

With someone who could not possibly understand

The invisible tape I put over my mouth,

The foreign feeling of speaking.

I am from a cosmo of silence.


I am from the feeling of waking up in the morning,

The sun radiating into the room,

The sound of the sheets rustling as I toss and turn,

A rush of conflicting emotions;

Disappointment of realizing that you will have to go on with your life,

Joy of understanding that it is a new day; you will not make the same mistakes as yesterday.

I am from the feeling of renewal.


I am from lost love and broken promises,

The sound of a door slamming shut,

Shaking hands and teary eyes,

Laying in bed thinking, What possibly went wrong?

But realizing that there is an open door right in front of me.

I am from new opportunities.


I am from Nothing in particular;

I am just here.

Maybe, it is not nothing

It could be everything.

Ah, yes.

I come from nothing, yet everything...

Good and bad.


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