I Am

Who am I? Who are you?

Where to start I haven’t a clue.


I am the girl who wears the black and yellow, although my personality is really quite mellow.

I am the girl who “rocks” a cape and cowl, but when it comes to popularity I’m not the one to seek fame and howl.


Where am I from you ask? I shall indeed tell you.

I am from a place where every girl is wanting to be claimed.

But when she has it, she loses it and is then renamed.

I am from a place where some friends aren’t so true, “Isn’t that sad?”

It makes my heart turn cold too.

I am from  place where what you wear determines who you are.Tight clothing on girls means they want attention, Tight clothing on boys means that they’re gay.Stupidity in its own idiotic way.Where I am from everything is never the same.


But eight years have now past and I am now free

I thought the pain would always keep me from being me.

Stronger than I seem I got through the pain though

Although for two years I thought I would go insane too

You took my heart pulled at its strings as if I were a puppet

Corrupted and evil so I would keep those who really cared from touching it.  

I did not turn into who you wanted me to be

I am glad I did not and I can now live happily

No longer in control of who you wanted me to be

I can live without you weighing on my shoulders judging me


I am the girl who wears boyish things and who will instantly play any kind of video game.

I am the girl who wishes everyone saw everything and anything as equal and the same.

I am the one in a million just like you, that means everyone is unique including you.


Who am I? Who are you


I am the unmasked vigilante who isn’t afraid to tell you.

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My family
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