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I am…

Not just one color.
My mother, my father,
how could I be their daughter?

Adoption is the expectation,
I respond with education.

How is it today you can still take my hope away?

My parents are my inspiration,
bi-racial my identification.

Stereotypes are taught,
under the radar not being caught.

My hair my face my skin,
some say black and white should be a sin.

But when black meets white,
they dance, not fight.

How is it today you still see me this way?

Prejudice and strife,
they shape my life.

Day after day these feelings of hurt,
leaving me to feel like dirt.

So much bad instead of good,
am I just misunderstood?

Today you can’t take my hope away.

I may not fit the average mold,
but to me, I still feel like gold.

One color cannot stand alone
these two colors make my tone.

I am black,
I am white.

I am beautiful.

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