I Am...

I am...still the same girl, with the same goals.

I am...proud to be the person my family has raised me to be.

I am..somebody with faults and insecurities.

I am...a strong woman when I'm not completely breaking down.

I am...a lover not a fighter, unless you've forgotten to fold the clothes.

I am...boring on most days, unless I feel lively.

I am...that girl that stresses about meeting everybody's expectations.

I am...very simple when it comes to material items, but also high maintenance.

I am...picky when it comes to shampoo, the lane I drive in and the way I set up the grocery list.

I am...hopeful because you never know how much you will get out of life.

I am...worrying about things all the time.

I am...thankful for a supportive family.

I am...happy to attend a top-tier university, where I will receive a business degree.

I am...excited to see the day I receive a scholarship to help with my education.

I am...Taylor.

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