I AM...

I am a Human being
I am a poet
I am a college student
I am a migrant
because I have to be here for a better life
I am proud of my roots
I am someone who talks from within
Someone that loves his mom
Because she have been mom and dad

I am someone who chooses
Someone that don't think like the world
someone that loves life
Even although sometimes appears hard

I am someone that is in U.S
No because I but because life wanted
I am someone that its dreams are bigger
than its situations
I am a being that no matter the age
i have had heartbreak a broken heart

I am someone who fights to get a career in poetry
and a house some day
I am someone that believe in God
although im not religious
Someone that don't believe in hell
because sometimes somethings are worst in world

I am someone that works for school
Someone that has lost its mind
healing the pain of soul for a love
Someone that live
I am more things that I can't just describe
but I am someone that wants to win an opportunity
Someone that wants to win an scholarship
to keep going in life
I am all this and more.
-Jonatan Vega

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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