I am a martinez

I am relentless 

taking on a challenge even if i know i won't be able to comply 

I am motivational 

pushing others to not give up

when I know thats all I want to do

my mother would describe me as a chubby cheeked girl 

my friends call me nice 

I keep striving to do better 

I remember that things get better with time 

I've learned that making mistakes is part of being human 

I hide my Emotions 

I read books abput high school and life 

I shout my name 

I am a Martinez 

I see that tears run down a face 

I hear stories abou their lives

I taste the sorrow 

I feel the sadness

I thin deep inside everyone is a good person 

I whisper: things do get better 

I am a believer 

I want to over come the obsicles 

I will keep moving forward 

I won't ever give up without a fight 

I can be strong 

I pretend I'm okay 

I am taking a look around 

I dream of th eperfect place 

I am afraid of the things to come 

I reach my goals 

I say sorry when I feel that I've done wrong 

I live my family 

I declare for the world to hear the beat of my heart and song 




This poem is about: 
My family


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