I Also Wear a Shorter Dress

“Look at her, what she does, atrocious, repulsive, how wrong.”

Numbly I agree, since the talks not about me,

Yet if I had the choice, I’d speak my inner voice to those who judge blindly.

 But can I not simply announce my discomfort here?

Why am I closed in by social standards, and the judgment by my peers?

Are they better, do they best the girl who chooses the shorter dress?

Surely she’s not devil’s spawn

Where is she really in the wrong?

Her body is her body and does her freedom not make her strong?

 My body is my body, does that not make me strong?

Would I be in her spot with the people I call friends, if I were her and she were me , does that not make them wrong?

I hope she knows I feel her in every loveless midnight song

‘Did you hear? Did you see? Listen to what the others told me!”

Why her and why not me?!

Am I better, do I best

The girl who chooses the shorter dress?


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