I Ain't No Monkey


United States
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The Civil War's long been over, and slavery's been abolished
Education is available to everyone so we can all get knowledge
Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King fought for the rights we've gotten
But still racism exists today, what must we do to stop it?
Every time I see a crime committed, and when the dude has dark skin
People say "yep, it's because he's black, that must be why he did it
Because ALL black people shoot and deal, ALL black people cock and kill
And ALL black people trap and deal," ... is that how you really feel?
If it is then listen up, I'm about to put you on
I'm tired of all these stereotypes, that's why I wrote this song
We can joke about it, and laugh about it, but at the end of the day it's still wrong
So I'ma get up on these sounds and sound it louder than a big gong
You ain't gotta rock white cloaks looking like a ghost in order to make racist statements and quotes
The Triple K's still active every day and it's something that I hate the most
Better guard your words like you're the Coast, else I'ma be Bynum in the post
I'ma be up in this kitchen whipping up a storm, watch me burn you like you're toast

I ain't no monkey, I'm human too
I got a brain just the same as you
White or black, Muslim or Jew
We all are equal, and that's what it do

The tool is used is called a mic, and rap is how I get hyped
I love to bang my music loud, so a Fosgate fits my stereo-type
If I could I'd play ball all night, because sports is just what I like
But the minute you start to put me in a category is the minute that you should think twice
Because that right there is not nice, matter fact it's just plain wrong
I share some common interests, but I'm still a person on my own
I got my own thoughts, my own dreams, finna be doing my own things
But some of y'all can't handle that, it's probably because you don't THINK
Just because my skin is dark, that don't mean I'm less smart
I can still think like a man, so you can call me Kevin Hart
And just because I'm spittin' rap, doesn't make it less an art
You can speak that cheap talk all you want, I'ma keep coming back like Brett Favre
And if you think because I'm black, somehow I can't do good in class
Throw that myth up out your head, four AP tests I took and passed
Segregated times are in the past, so all this racism shouldn't last
I spit on white supremacy and make it trash, watch me break it like a glass

I ain't no monkey, I'm human too
I got a brain just the same as you
White or black, Muslim or Jew
We all are equal, and that's what it do

I'm turning on the late news so I can see what's happening
Crimes committed all over the streets, and it's getting attention nationally
Then I hear "blacks aren't quite human, so they can't think rationally"
Well actually I'm in AP Calculus ... bet you didn't even catch what that even means
I'ma break it down for you real slow for some of you who can't follow me
If whites are so much smarter, then I guess James Holmes is an anomaly
If whites are so much better, then I guess y'all ain't never heard of Sandusky
Now before you go calling me a bunch of names, there's a point right here you must see
We all done made mistakes, regardless of our race
And as soon as we start subcategorizing is the minute we become a disgrace
Racism is a problem we need to face, it's time for some reversin'
Stop seeing a dude as black or white, start seeing him as a PERSON

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This rap is very creative and i really like it.

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