Pay no attention to 

Anything you're about to see.

We- I don't need you

or your judgement looking at me.


I can be myself

Only when you don't know who I am 

So you talk to her instead

The woman; the sham.


She laughs at the jokes

And numbly mumbles replies 

Because, you see, she isn't real

She's an empty costume full of lies.


She was useful at first

Don't get me wrong.

All the awful anxiety

Poof, it was gone.


Mystical magical,

but then one became two.

How do you know your real self

When someone else is living for you?


I didn't think they would like me,

Whoever they are.

So I put her in the fire

Hoping to save myself from the char.


But this great facade 

comes with an amazing power

No fear, no hurt

We- she is saved from battle.


But what about me?

The girl on the inside,

She- I'm different

I've got no place to hide.


As my outer shell grows stronger 

I can't seem to stand up and say


People like her better, anyway.


So I sit quietly and shrink

She prefers it that way.

I don't choose to live behind the curtain

She forces me to stay.


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