I love you but i'm not loving you freely. 

I'm loving you tensely and timidly because I'm afraid to love you boldly

......... afraid of what damages you might create should you ever make 'that' mistake. 
I'm afraid of losing myself in the process or blaming every other man based on that mess

....yes i'm afraid yes because my heart is in my throat waiting to spew out on the floor like its anticipating something that will upset my emotions and causes me to vomit it out 

Out into the open like the 'Bleeding Love Song' Or maybe it'll be like the 'The Way That I Love You' song don't want to be that 'Torn Between The 2' song. 

Peace don't live here no more and when she does come she only stays a lil while and thats cause you leave no room for her anymore.

Her space has been taken by fear, paranoia, suspicion and 'what if's' to the point where all that's left is to shout I Quit!

When is it gonna be my time to exhale and breath ......

to close my eyes and just fall .....deeply? 
Will that ever come tho?? (._.)


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