I’m sorry, Enkeli

Hey, ma...


Your reading this with enkeli... reading the things I’ve sinned, I’m sorry. 


I found myself in a hot headed mess, I want to disappear, what have I possibly done to be hated so much. It’s truely amazing how fast I can make something great.. turn to hell fire, ma... I know we have daddy issues since he’s left, abandoned us for another lady, it’s always been you and me, now another addition, my poor enkeli is so confused on why your crying at night, why daddy isn’t around, why your sister is cutting herself up late at night when the sun don’t shine, the blinds are shut, blood dripping onto the floor.


I know baby your confused, but you gotta be strong for mommy, she needs me, I can’t be dragging her down with me, I need to be the support you both stand on, even when I’m feeling weak, I need to fight because you’ve lost everything, everything you knew, I’m sorry enkeli for I have messed up again, your too little to understand why daddy’s with another lady, why everyone breaks during the night, all I can say is I’m sorry for letting you down, you, my angel from above as they call enkeli, I’ve let you down.


You wouldn’t be the first I’ve brought down, I do love you. But I’m sorry i wasn’t strong enough

This poem is about: 
My family


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