Google. All hail the mighty power of god, the god of power, information, technology

Twitter. Where honesty begins




"You and you and you, are racist but never ever am I"


Newsom is a god among gods, free to do and decide...


Eat your cake in silence through a tube through a mask just below your dead eyes.


Americans are slaves as are Germans, Poles, Russian, Chinese...

Controlled by puppets of deceit filled with endless amounts of lies.

"Do as I say and you will be rewarded. Protest the new norm and we will do our best to see you die..."


Democrats say, "We won so now you all should just get along, give us respect, honor and yes, obey..."

Republicans are the same...


But what about you?

And you, you, you?

To what do you respect and obey?










Maybe though, you repect nothing, not even yourself

You only believe you are right?


Do you or have you or maybe even thought to forgive

or even more simple

to give thanks to something other than yourself filled with anger and pride?


This poem could care less as the algorithms of Google place it beneath a pile of shit

while the owners of this site say, "You broke the way we want you to obey and write."

So really, what does anything matter?

What really matters when most worship at the altar of self gratification and the infliction

of controlling and destroying any and all with evil and lies.


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