The Hymn of Heart and Head

Thu, 03/07/2019 - 19:58 -- Khiya


BeatBump BeatBump.

My heart shouldn’t talk like that

But it’s doing it cause I just sat down in a church

Heart thought churches were for other people

Head said we wouldn’t ever need to be here



Beat Thump.

My heart shouldn’t speak so loud

But I’m in a crowd full of Christians and I feel like a fake

Heart thinks we should dive under pews or walk out

Head reminds me everyone would look




Why am I here

A Queer kid doesn’t belong in church

Heart agrees, news sources never tell good tales about gays in church

Head tells Heart to follow the program-

apparently we all sing hymns together



Thump Beat.

I didn’t know my heart could make that sound

But I’ve found the church choir is something we enjoy

Heart rump thump beats to the rhythm

Head nods- Head rises- Head sees beauty through a previous fear


A Silent Pulse

A Pulse that might be heard in Heaven

I know why I’m here

My heart speaks the songs my mouth didn’t know we wanted to say

At the end, we shake hands with the pastor

We mingle We laugh

Head asks Heart if we still feel like we need to leave

Heart says let's stay


This poem is about: 
My community


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